The A-lliterate Ill-iterates


The Alliterate Illiterates idolize illustrious illusory idols


The PhD Politicians pontificate ponderous porous philosophical policies


The Erudite Egos expand endlessly eradicating eminent elegant erudition


The Shiny Spiritualists sell soulless spiritual stocks saving sold souls


The Hippocratic Hypocrites heal holistic hostile handicaps honoring HMO’s


The Legislative Lawyers legislate laughable laws laudably licking Lexapro Lollipops


The Worrisome Writer winces wrenchingly wasting worthy words

Worthlessly …

Appraising Admirable

A-literate Ill-iterates.

Wajahat Ali

One thought on “The A-lliterate Ill-iterates

  1. This is great! 😉 I’m going to give this to my dad (who worked in theater for about twenty years) when he gets back from Kansas. ^^

    p.s. Congratulations with your play!

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