Because Everyone, Else is doing it – Spoken Word Piece.

Wajahat Ali

Because Everyone, Else is Doing it

I’m also gonna try an’ become a poet,

Be Like Musa, take my stick, and throw it.

In the Palace –

right in the Middle

In front of the Charmers

who diddle with their plastic fiddle.

In front of the Pharaoh

Stick it


his heart and spirit

– real narrow.

Just like the Red Dead Sea,

2 Late for him.

he couldn’t see.

Because Everyone, Else is Doing it

Ill spice my voice up.


of my old jazz.

Add me some Mirch!

Add me some Masala!

Act like a Be-Boping Baraka !


A Freestylin’ Hijabi Sista!

Make my words dance a naughty Calypso,

Make their hips move a nasty Mumbo Jumbo.

Because Everyone, Else is Doing it

I know what!

I won’t even write!

Rather, Ill try to in-cite.

Try to unleash my teeth-

Grab a BITE.

Volunteer to make the wrongs right.

Eye closed, fists raised –

in the ring-

that’s where I’ll fight.

Jabbing and hooking,

ranting and raving,

2 bad that nobody’s looking.

Dervishing in the air –

like a kite-

that’s been misbehaving.


That’s how I’ll get a pass through that pearly gate –

The Toll booth to my heavenly fate.

Hey, quit judging!

I followed, I obeyed, I slaved, all debts fully


Quit the hate you, yes YOU – stop being I- rate,

I EARNED this celestial prom date –

While U yearned to be the devil’s bait.


Look at that pearly gate.

……. Oooooh……Weeeee!

What a site!

Could even ignite and light up midnight.



watch out –

missed a step —

time to come back


to earth.

So Close…

Such a great fall

from such a great height.

Because Everyone, Else is Doing it

I’m gonna make it all s u g a r y and sweeeet.

So all the sensitive girls and pureety ones think I’m neeeat.

Gonna use B I G W O R D S

– Like Marmalade and Chrystanthemums –

My, oh my, What a fantastic feat!

Heck, this is so easy!

Like a baby sucking on his mother’s teat!

But wait –

I’m not moving!

I’m still here!

Something’s stuck…

(looks down)

My feet!

Because Everyone, Else is Doing it

Guess I tried my best –

Went to the Mic and Thumped my chest.

I fought, yelled, bellowed and raged,

Too bad, Too bad –

It was ALL staged.

Played naughty, not nice.

Like Tyson, no dice.

Off went the gloves & out jumped the choppers-

Thought I was gonna’ land me a 2nd Round TKO Whopper.

Played it Hallmark Card Sweet –

— (For the girls of course) —

But it was all a cheat.

Heck, even this rhyme is a repeat!

Aren’t you paying attention??

Caught! Go back to jail!

You fail, Walter Mondale.

No pension –

Sorry, U paid no attention-

No exception –


did I forget to mention?


before U made me start braying –

I acted the spiritual route-

– even invoked Musa!

But, but, this poem ended up-

– Like, like Medusa!

Snakes for hair,

serpent tail for legs,

Dead eyes with a cursed stare,

Whoever chooses to look-

Forever Lost

– – – – – – – – – in a haze.


Because Everyone is Doing it

I guess I’ll do something else


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