Pakistan placed among dysfunctional states

WASHINGTON, June 24: Seven of the world’s 10 most dysfunctional countries are in sub-Saharan Africa, an annual survey says. The state of affairs obtaining in the seven countries is due largely to continuing mayhem either in Somalia or in Sudan.

The top 10, in order, are Somalia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Chad, Iraq, Congo, Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Pakistan and the Central African Republic.

Somalia, at the tip of the Horn of Africa, has been without a functioning central government since warlords overthrew former dictator Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991. Their ensuing conflict remains unsettled, and conditions have slipped steadily downwards.“In many ways, Somalia has failed already as the unpopular transitional government lacks control of the streets of Mogadishu, much less the rest of the country,” the list’s compilers wrote.

The only non-African country in the first five of the “Failed States Index” was No 5, Iraq. The compilers said Iraq ranked so high because of the US military surge in 2007.

“The gains that one might hope for — those that reflect fundamental, long-term changes — did not occur,” the compilers said.

Also, for the first time, Israel and the Israeli-occupied West Bank slipped into the index’s top 60 at No 58, just behind Angola and Georgia. Israel itself is stable and strong, but it remains responsible for the Palestinians, and “deep divisions still linger under the surface,” the authors wrote.

The index uses 12 social, economic, political, and military indicators to rank 177 states in order of their vulnerability to violent internal conflict and the deterioration of their civil society. It is compiled annually by the independent magazine Foreign Policy and Fund for Peace, an independent research organisation.—AP


  1. The plan for India is simple: Create problems for the states surrounding it. Destabilize using RAW. Send armed bandits and mercenaries—keep repeating like a broken record, “failed state”, “failed state”—then absorb into a fictional Akhand Bharat. See India Docrine by Mr. Munshi of Bangladesh. See research by Bangladeshi Isha Khan and see Sri Lanka writings on RAW scoundrals. All reposted on

    Which is the failed state in the Subcontient…”India”…250 million dienfranchised Dalits, 150 million repressed Muslims, a small IT boost affecting 6 million people with $50 billion, 40% of the country embroiled in Naxalite insurrreciton, and the seven sisters of the Northeast almost independent. India has the largest number of poor in the world and outside Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta the country is savage country.Pakistan is keeping the new Ahmad Shah Abdali from invading Somnath and New Delhi….

    Here are the facts….

    Editor Rupee News

  2. abhi aik aur din aa ay ga… jab pakistan #1 per hoga, in politicians ki maan ki….. musharaf sala ho, ya nawaz sharif kuta, zardari fradia, ho ya imran khan playboy, yeh sab aik jaisay hain, apna hi faaida sochtay hain, pakistan ki awaam ko chootiah bana rahay hain…

    we love pakistan but screw the politicians of this country….

  3. Oooh!! Mr Ansari is trying hard, really hard. I applaud his attempts.
    But the “land of the pure” was a bad idea to start with. Muslims without petroleum mines are screwed. And seems like Allah doesn’t really care for the brown skinned followers that much anyway!!
    And a theology which will prevent them from ever developing. They have actually started marching back in time. And to compare themselves to India !! Dream on…
    And by the way, most educated Indian muslims thank God everyday that their ancestors decided to stay instead of going to the “utopian” land of the “pure”.

    That’s what this kafir has to say.

  4. Mr. Moin,

    Yes certainly we have oppressed Dalits in India. I am one of them. I run a business of my own employing 70 ppl (I havent dug into their castes as yet). We exported 9 Cr worth of services last year.

    Which world do you live in ?? Come out of the medieval age.

    Also dwelling more on the medieval age, does islam go into pre 700 AD times ? Are you aware of the pre-abdali history of the region. Is it possible some of your forefathers could be Hindus ? Was god born on a certain AD when Mohammad decided to tell the world it was so… get a brain … think … Cultures and people need to define identities not religions …

    We all need to be together, unless we do that there is no stopping China or in a few years from now the new Russia. Really the thing for us to do is establish cross border trade and commerce and be stronger together, economically.

    I am amazed at the intensity of the rhetoric in your post. You must stay in India for a year or two to realize the state of progress in India and speaking of minorities … we atleast have them … we atleast hear them … compare the composition of the demographic on sides of the border….

  5. dear Ansari ji , the article had nothing to do with India yet you dragged India here too … this shows you people’s mental hollowness, India is on progress path people are making progress,including dalits and muslims (our beloved but some may angry too). so wake up and see your own nation and do something other then India rhetoric .

  6. Failed states list go to wiki
    1. Somalia (+2)
    2. Sudan (-1)
    3. Zimbabwe (+1)
    4. Chad (+1)
    5. Iraq (-3)
    6. Democratic Republic of the Congo (+1)
    7. Afghanistan (+1)
    8. Côte d’Ivoire (-2)
    9. Pakistan (+3)
    10. Central African Republic (0)

    11. Guinea (-2)
    12. Bangladesh (+4)
    12. Burma/Myanmar(+2)
    14. Haiti (-3)
    15. North Korea (-2)
    16. Ethiopia (+2)
    16. Uganda (-1)
    18. Lebanon (+10)[18]
    18. Nigeria (-1)
    20. Sri Lanka (+5)[19]

  7. Pakistan a failed state: Unfortunately for pakistanis, the world has all but declared Pakiland as a epicenter for terrorist activities. The latest Mumbai incident and I am a Mumbaiker clearly nailed the coffin. For the past 10 years Pakistans image has taken a worse beating every year. From the 90’s when the 1st WTC bombing suspect was arrested in Pakistan to the cross border terrorism that has resulted in thousands of Indian Muslims to die in Kashmir. India as the world recognizes is a volatile country yet the largest functioning democracy. Everyone knows there are holes in its operations yet it survives and is on its way to become in the next 25 years one of the key new multipolar players in this world incl China, Brazil, Japan and South Africa. Pakistanis just cannot fathom this and look for ways to justify thier existence while Indians not bothered are looking to contribute to the world economy from NRI’s in the US to UK to Canada to Indians in India. Pakistan was an accident, infact aside from the rabid muslims and the rightist hindus nobody wanted it. The Brits ofcourse didn’t give a shit. The so called founder of Pakistan M.JINNAH by the way was as Western as you Mr. Smith found in Harrods. He was the most anti-muslim in his ways, used to smoke, womanize and wore only western clothes from Saville Row in London.
    This new country formed purly based on religoin would have survived if it followed a secular approach in its thinking such as Turkey, however is today in brink of collapse because of the following reasons:
    – No state apparatus that controls the entire nation. Infact the Baluch, NWP are out of control and limits
    – Taliban and Al Queda have established themselves in these regions and in POK
    – Pak has no vision and India centric approach to everything makies them blind
    – Failing economy, Any of the key Indian states has a stronger and growing economy than entire Pak: Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka etc
    – Remaining as a stooge of the Americans where they are asked to bend over when required and then paud for the act has made them another banana republic which India refused to do ever
    – No established education system, so pretty much a non-educate country
    – Small portion of educated elite including the army controls the entire nation
    – India centric approach needs to stop, Pakis need to get improved self esteem which is lacking
    – Formenting terrorist camps in POK have back fired
    – A corrupt police, army and politician nexus fools the idiots of the nation with anti India rhetoric and keep the masses fooled whle filling thier pockets. Check out the properties of the army folks in Pak vs. in India its the opposite.
    – Generally this has led to a nation slightly ahead of Afganistan in intelligence and IQ
    – Eradication of history, whats taught in Paki schools and colleges is total distortion of the real history. They dont even know anything about the Mohenjodaro and Harrapa civilizations, also Ashokan empire whic built the Bamiyan statues which were destroyed under the Paki led Taliban.

    Ofcourse Indians are trying to help improve the lot of the Afghanis via roughly $1billin dollars of aid provided. India is offering Tajiks $200Million this yr on various programs, same with Uzbeks.
    I think Pakis should try to change thier attitudes, bring peace in the region and start to learn about this changes world which regards them as one of the most dangerous countries of the world. Maybe they should break up and Paki Punjab and Sindh should join the Indian dominion.
    This will improve the standards of living in these provinces & open up a world of opportunities for the youth “imagine a career in Bollywood” etc and reunite many families under the Indian umbrella. The rest of Pakistan can either break up in smaller countries i.e. Baluchistan
    and NWFP can join Afganistan etc.

  8. almost 11’5$billion(the money which was identically given to fight terrorism) of Pakistanis military bill is being payed off by US and still you people say great things about your military. Stop accusing other countries and be loyal to yourself

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