Does doll say “Islam is the light?” – The brilliance of America on fully display

By Ladd Egan
Wednesday, October 15, 2008 at 1:40 a.m.

LAKE OZARK — It’s a baby doll that’s supposed to just giggle and coo but some are hearing words in the babble – and it’s causing quite a controversy.

It’s called the “Little Mommy Cuddle N’ Coo” doll but some parents are outraged, saying it promotes Islam. The doll moves and makes baby sounds but some think the doll is actually saying “Islam is the light.”

“I’m not keeping this doll,” said Lake Ozark mother Linda Stanton. “I will not have it in my home.”

Stanton said others who heard the doll at the store where she bought it were angry too.

“Some people behind us heard it and picked up on it right away, they were angered,” said Stanton. “There was a young family behind us with two or three children that my daughter carried it back for them to listen and they too were very upset about it.”

If it said “Jesus is the light” which, as a Christian I believe He is the light, there would be an outpouring of resentment,” said Stanton. “I mean, the ACLU would be over this like crazy.”

Complaints from Stanton and others have caused the Osage Beach Wal-Mart and Target to pull the dolls from the shelves. But there were plenty for sale at Target and Wal-Mart in Jefferson City. In fact, KRCG bought one so we could take a closer listen.

While many say the doll is saying, “Islam is the light,” Mattel says the doll’s only scripted word is “Mama.” They blame the doll’s cheap speakers for distorting the soundtrack. And they also blame the power of suggestion – in that people are being told what to listen for.

KRCG tested that theory by stopping a half-dozen people in the store’s parking lot. No one came up with the phrase, “Islam is the light,” on their own.

“I got it that time,” said Lake Ozark resident Jerry Baumgartner. “With a little coaching from you.”

There have been reports from other parts of the country where the same doll has been pulled from shelves for saying, “Satan is king.” Fisher Price’s parent company, Mattel, does not plan on recalling the doll.


4 thoughts on “Does doll say “Islam is the light?” – The brilliance of America on fully display

  1. I work for one of the large retailers and last night and about 4 or so of us went to the aisle where these dolls are located, and they absoultely say that. It is the third cycle or so of babbling this doll clearly says “Islam is the light” I was outraged. You couldn’t have a doll that says “Christ is my Savior” so why are we letting these dolls stay on the shelves? They are also made in JAPAN.

    • One can only hope this doll nonsense finally dies. It’s a doll ….manufactured and produced by a U.S. company. I guarantee it is not produced by “Islamists” or “Al Qaeda.” Your children are safe.

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