To Live and Die in Gaza

By Laila Al-Arian:  THE NATION

January 2, 2009

On Sunday morning, I found out through a note my friend wrote on Facebook, that the Israeli Air Force was attacking my grandfather’s neighborhood in Gaza. Safa, who lives near my grandfather in the densely-populated “Asqoola” in Gaza City, recounted the harrowing hours she spent terrorized by what she called “the constant, ominous, maddening, droning sound” of Apache helicopters flying above. “Outside my home, which is close to the two largest universities in Gaza, a missile fell on a large group of young men, university students,” Safa wrote over the weekend. “They’d been warned not to stand in groups–it makes them an easy target–but they were waiting for buses to take them home. Seven were killed.”


One thought on “To Live and Die in Gaza

  1. Hosni Mubarak and his vicious cabal in Egypt are equally complicit in the brutal massacre and rape of Gaza, as is the Israel-US axis. Israel, of course, is the known enemy. But by shamelessly colluding with the sadistic invaders and blockading the hapless Palestinians on the other side, the Egyptian regime is demonstrating utter contempt and hypocrisy toward an abused and violated people.

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