An honor killing or “only” domestic violence?


The horrific decapitation murder of Aasiya Zubair by her husband Muzzammil Hassan last week – which spurred nationwide sermons in US mosques about domestic violence – was a wake-up call to the muslim-American community about the taboo subject of spousal abuse. There were dozens of khutbas in mosques all across America that same Friday – I’ve posted the text of one such khutba in Chicago and video of another in San Francisco but that barely scratches the surface. On the whole, the way in which the muslim-American community came together around this tragedy and sought to make Aasiya’s death actually count for something, was both inspiring and humbling. Continue reading


Israel’s Dangerous Choice: Netanyahu – Reza Aslan

Benjamin Netanyahu

Dan Balilty / AP Photo

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s new prime minister, is every bit as radical as Hamas, says The Daily Beast’s Reza Aslan. So where’s the international outrage?

In 1998, during Benjamin Netanyahu’s first tenure as prime minister of Israel, he did something so outrageous, so inconceivably impolitic that it permanently poisoned relations between him and then-U.S. President  Bill Clinton. Summoned by Clinton to the White House to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, Netanyahu publicly snubbed the president by going directly from the airport to the Mayflower Hotel, where he was the guest of honor at a gathering of fundamentalist evangelical Christians dedicated to putting a stop to the two-state solution. (“It was all planned by Netanyahu as an affront to Mr. Clinton,” Jerry Falwell, the man who organized the gathering, gleefully told reporters.) Continue reading

Gaza: A new awakening in the American Arab and Muslim youth

Yasmin Qureshi


The assault on Gaza has been an awakening for the American Arab and Muslim youth. The attacks came at the most festive holiday season of the year. Instead of celebrating, young American Arab and Muslim teenagers and kids spent their time protesting on the streets as they watched disturbing and devastating images streaming into their living rooms and onto their computers.

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Deadly Family Secrets – More Information on the Aasiya Hassan Case

by Asra Q. Nomani

February 23, 2009 | 7:24am

Muzzammil Hassan

Bridges TV / AP Photo

When Muzzammil Hassan went off his psychiatric medications, he turrned into a violent brute, according to sources. So why did the local Muslim community do nothing to help his terrified wife Aasiya escape her domestic hell?

In the 1990s, a rising 30-something Pakistani-American sat in the living room of a ranch house in the suburbs of Rochester, N.Y., where one of the aunties of the American-Muslim community lived, and he bellowed in rage about his 20-something Pakistani wife, Sadia: “She doesn’t look good. She doesn’t work. She is a good for nothing.” Continue reading