Poll: Jon Stewart Most Trusted Newsman


Photo credit: Rubenstein | Creative Commons Licens


(MYFOX NATIONAL) – Now that legendary newsman Walter Cronkite has passed, America’s most trusted newscaster is “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, according to a new poll conducted by Time magazine .

Among approximately 9,400 voters, 44 percent of people around the country voted Stewart as most trusted. NBC’s Brian Williams came in second with 29 percent of the vote, ABC’s Charlie Gibson got 19 percent and CBS’ Katie Couric got 7 percent. A map of the US breaks down who won by state. The only state in which Stewart finished lower than second place was Vermont.

While the poll isn’t scientific, it certainly shows a clear disaffection for traditional news outlets. Stewart himself has called his show “fake news.” But many believe that Stewart has a place in this new media landscape.

“Stewart is not afraid to pull out the tape and call out those in power who are flat wrong, bold-face lie, or are hypocritical on a regular basis,” wrote Erin on EW.com . “Real news anchors just let the powerful say whatever they want, without calling them on anything. We need more of the kind of media that the Daily Show provides.”

“Jon Stewart gives us lots of hard news and observations that the media doesn’t, probably because they’re too busy showing us car chases and other items of garbage that aren’t news.  Despite Jon’s comedic antics, he sure does reveal a lot of truth,” wrote Eric on MSNBC.com .

Newscasters do seem to find some value in Stewart’s show, if anything for comedic relief. On Tuesday Brian Williams appeared on “The Daily Show” and exchanged some playful jabs with the host .

Ironically just the day before, Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz was asked by a reader, “Is there any soul searching at the nets in an era where America’s most trusted journalist is Jon Stewart?” To which Kurtz replied, “Yeah — everyone’s trying to be funnier. Why do you think Brian Williams hosted Saturday Night Live? Being a little facetious, but you get my point.”


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