Muslim American Fashion: Eva Khurshid – “Sexy Rediscovered”

Eva Khurshid New York  [Created by two Muslim American fashion designers]  is the first fashion line created to address the wants and needs of the modern woman. Eva Khurshid combines cutting edge fashion design with a new take on empowering women. This concept is key to the heart of the brand, as it fills the fashion void that co-founders Fatima Monkush and Nyla Hashmi experienced– the lack of clothing that exudes style and confidence while leaving some things to the imagination.

The Eva Khurshid woman exists across different backgrounds and cultures; she is career driven and sophisticated, with an on-the-go cosmopolitan lifestyle. Her confidence is captivating and her wardrobe is constructed in a way that appears effortless, refined and fashion forward; her clothing is not provocative yet she never goes unnoticed; she is EVERY WOMAN.

The brand provides a new approach to fashion where the Eva Khurshid woman is in control of what she represents. Eva Khurshid brings to life the design-duo’s voice and vision, of giving women a choice and options in their outfits, of offering layers and pieces that can mix and match perfectly and can easily translate from day to night, for different occasions. The Fall 2009 collection offers both basics styles and signature looks that transcend time and trend to become instant classics in any woman’s wardrobe.

CONTACT: Eva Khurshid Creative Founder Nyla Hashmi
Eva Khurshid Creative Founder Fatima Monkush
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