Italy Burqini Ban: Controversial Swimwear Barred From Northern Town

A town in northern Italy has banned women from wearing the “burqini” favored by conservative Muslim women, Al Arabiya reports.


The anti-immigration mayor barred the burqini and said women wearing them to pools or the beach would be subjected to $700 (Eur500) fines.

Gianluca Buonanno, mayor of Varallo Sesia said, “The sight of a ‘masked woman’ could disturb small children, not to mention problems of hygiene.”

AKI reports that a young Muslim girl stopped going to a public pool in Verona after she was asked to provide details on the material of her burqini by the pool’s director, Christian Panzarini.

Panzarini told AKI that some of their swimming instructors wear full body suits, but he was concerned about the hygiene of a burqini.

Monica Ferrari, an Italian triathlete who trains at the pool, said that she didn’t think the burqini-clad girl had frightened any children, AKI reports.

Al Arabiya reports that Buonanno is a member of Italy’s Northern League, which has been allied with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s party.

Last week, a pool in Paris refused entry to a woman wearing a burqini.

Staff said there was a rule forbidding people from swimming while clothed.

In June, AP reported French President Nicholas Sarkozy saying that burqas were “not welcome” in France.


One thought on “Italy Burqini Ban: Controversial Swimwear Barred From Northern Town

  1. I’m sorry but can someone please explain to me how an outfit usually made of the same material as a bathing is less hygenic then swimming in a bathing suit? you can easily shower and then dress in your fully covered bathing suit, and although this may not be one of my most eloquent statements, but it pisses me off that they are bringing children into this, how could a woman wearing an outfit the same colour as many bathing suits scare a child?
    Hijab was never meant to be political, but these governments are turning it into something it was never meant to be. They are scaring themselves by creating an unfounded and ridiculous sense of paranoia and intolerance amongst their people. They pride themselves on their supposed tolerance, but yet they are being more intolerant then anyone I have ever seen.

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