Egyptian security forces storm Ayman Nour’s office

Gregg Carlstrom | October 21, 2009 3:14 PM |
A file photo of Ayman Nour during his trial in June 2005. (Photo: Flickr user Nora Younis)

A reliable source tells me that 40-50 “thugs” — plainclothes state security — assaulted Ayman Nour at one of his offices, in the Bab al-Sharqiya neighborhood in Cairo. The men reportedly assaulted members of the al-Ghad party and confiscated Nour’s personal computer; his press secretary, Ahmed Abdel Gawad, was reportedly arrested.

The raid came shortly before a conference of the “Poets Against Succession” group, part of the larger anti-succession coalition that Nour announced last week to protest the potential transfer of power from Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to his son Gamal.

Nour is an Egyptian politician and a longtime critic of the regime. He ran against president Hosni Mubarak in the 2005 election and won 7 percent of the vote; later that year, he was sentenced to five years in prison on trumped-up forgery charges.

He founded the al-Ghad (“tomorrow”) party in 2005.

Update, 5:30 p.m.: An update from Cairo: Nour’s press secretary has been released, but police still have his laptop. I don’t know what’s on the computer — though if he had it with him for a “Poets Against Succession” conference, I assume it has files related to his coalition.

Nour has promised to file a complaint with the prosecutor tomorrow.

Update, 5:42 p.m.: Egyptian blogger Mohammad Maree confirms the report and has some more details about the conference (h/t Arabist):

The seminar was to discuss succession, the security thugs confiscated the all devices in the center especially the laptop of Dr ayman nour in addition to destroying the all things in the place

they arrested some of El-Ghad party activists as the journalist ahmed abd-elgawad who was taken to the police station then released

Maree also writes that Nour went to the Bab al-Sharqiya police station to file a protest.


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