Michael Jackson was about to convert to Islam? So says Jermaine…

January 22, 2010 |  4:41 am
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Michael’s Jackson’s brother Jermaine Jackson reached out to the Muslim world in a long, controversial interview with the Dubai-based pan-Arab news channel Al-Arabiya aired Thursday night.

See below the jump for the videos of the interview, Jermaine Jackson’s first ever with an Arab news network.

During his nearly hourlong talk, he spoke out about his brother’s death, the conspiracies he believed were behind the singer’s downfall — and how he believes the King of Pop was on the verge of converting to Islam.

After spending time in the Gulf (Michael Jackson lived in Bahrain for a while in 2005), “Michael hired a team that was all Muslim,” Jackson told Al- Arabiya, dressed in a red Arab Keffeyeh scarf. “His behavior at the time also showed that he was very close to converting.”

Jackson went on to recount to Arab households how the King of Pop was drawn by Islam, saying his brother loved hearing the Muslim call to prayer and eagerly read books on Islam.  Jackson said Islam  would have protected his brother from harm.

“I felt that Michael was looking for that divine feeling …. I brought him books from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, from a lot of mosques. He read all of them. He was studying … he was ready to make that journey. His protection would have been Islam … he had a very tough life,” he said.

When asked by his interviewer whether Michael Jackson ever suggested that he would convert, Jackson implied his brother may have been a Muslim in his heart.

“I wished he would have made that announcement. Maybe he made it in his soul … but at the same time we want to hear it,”  he said.

He added that the amount of time Michael spent in the Middle East and the number of friends he had there also indicated he had embraced Islam.

Jermaine Jackson, a composer and former member of the Jackson 5, himself developed an interest in Islam during a trip to the Persian Gulf in the late 1980s and later became a Muslim.  When asked to share his travels with the viewers, he said he  “never felt a connection” until he became a Muslim and how he believes his ancestors were Muslims and that Christianity was imposed on them through slavery.

At one point, he explains his emotional and spiritual journey in his pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

“We drove from Bahrain to Riyadh (the capital of Saudi Arabia) and then took a flight to Mecca.  It was the most wonderful feeling. It felt so pure, so special. I knew that was the connection,” said Jackson.

He only wishes his brother had followed his example and become a Muslim too. Islam, says Jackson, would have saved the King of Pop from many hardships.

“I believe that Islam would have helped him a lot. Had he converted, he would have been spared all the problems he had been subjected to throughout his life,” he said.

— Alexandra Sandels in Beirut

Photo: In his first interview with an Arab TV channel, Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine Jackson told the Arab news network Al-Arabiya that he believes the King of Pop was on the verge of converting to Islam. Credit: Al-Arabiya

Videos: The interview in three parts. Credit: YouTube


32 thoughts on “Michael Jackson was about to convert to Islam? So says Jermaine…

  1. Oh, I’m so relieved to hear that Michael was only on the verge of converting to islam, but never actually did. I also know that Michael prayed together with Andrae and Sandra Crouch, only weeks before his passing.And they prayed to JESUS, fortunately! Jesus is the ONLY way to Heaven, whether you like it or not…that’s just the GOSPEL TRUTH! So see you in Heaven, Mike! Jermaine too, I hope, then he can reunite with his bro, but only through believing in Jesus Christ!!! This is so important! 😉


    • Thats why islam has a bad name, you guys over react.
      A lot of people were christians back, when islam began. The Prophet(P.B.U.H) did not shout or boast just because he knew the truth. We as muslims are ordered by Allah, to follow his example.
      Try to be nice.

      • Sir, if I were close to you for sure you would be my mentor! I LIKE soft- spoken and cool temper guys but not outrageous,arrogant and hot temper people even if I found myself on the same side with them. Thanks

      • WOW… Jumma Mubarak From South Africa…I agree we as muslims need to STOP becoming enradged wen someone else’s beliefs donot coinside with ours. By overeacting and becoming HOT HEADED we taint the purity that is Isam.

    • I don’t understand how it is necessary to introduce your argument or point of view with the words “shut up”? Everyone is entitled to their point of view provided it is respectful and irrespective of what religious faith they believe in.

  3. I second that. I nearly did not convert. God – as only God almighty does – had better plans for me. As He (Almighty) says in the Holy Book, “I plan and mankind plans – but I am the best planner.” I do believe MJ embraced Islam and I do believe there is hope for HeavenNative too. May God Almighty give you true guidance so that you can peace and contentment!

  4. Just be on your relegion till you know wich is the right path.and don’t try to kill somebody just because u knew the truth as that brother said.everyone got own relegion and disturb other by anger.and last thing “we all son’s of Addam so if u a christian or a muslim or whatever u r”
    “we all want peace and freedom right?”

  5. i believe there is no islam in this world the people whom have convertted to that religion become fanatically religous because of its strict teaching its acase of forcing views no choice that deciplines people not through choice there no love at all

  6. Thanks Lord Michael never converted. Even Germaine will leave Islam (which is a fascist religion founded by an Arab warlord and pedophile a.k.a Mohammad Piss be upon him) very soon! I just wish he hasn’t developed the Islamic Fearful Fatalistic Apathy (FFA) so far. He will come back to Christ Insha Allah!

    • Ferdinand of aragon u really are stupid arent you?
      Do you not know that the Virgin Mary was 10-12 when she gave birth to Jesus and have you not read the Book of Numbers chapter 31 where it says Moses told his soldiers to rape girls as young as 3? So according to your logic muhammad, moses and god are all pedophiles bcoz they didnt live upto a law in this time and age? And what about everyone else in europe at that time? Marrying someone at that age was widely accepted throughout europe, asia and arabia but I guess your to stupid to know that. Jesus would be ashamed to have you as his follower!

    • Does christianity teach you to mock other religions
      and you call Muhammed (pbuh) in such as deoragotory way and you also judge islam with a narrow mind….if you think islam causes the so called FFA then what about the so called ‘CHRISTIAN’
      crusaders who killed muslims and acted as terrorists……. do you have to say to that?

      • what about the people that were trying to kill mohammed. his own ppl. christian crusaders could been back then but y r muslims still kill for religion purpose. and these are idoitic muslims that dont even know the really religion of muslim. for MJ rest in peace and i hope u find jesus. may ur soul rest in peace and find God.

    • Ferdinand of Ignorant: If you’re still around to read this – You don’t know your history – and that’s an understatement.

      The age of consent in the USA was only 10-12 years old by the 1880s. The age remained as young as 7 years old in Delaware until 1895. The age of consent was raised in most states as recently as 1920 to 16-18 years. So by your logic, the Americans – by law – were pedophiles as well.

      Your “argument” does a great disservice to Christianity, as your expression here does little to endear anyone to your belief in anthropomorphic philosophy re: God incarnate.

      Now go and spend the rest of the day deciphering what I meant. It will take you at least that long.

      Better yet, read up on “Mithraism” and its strong influence on the origin of many Christian beliefs, you may actually learn something.

      And stop eating your plate full of stupid for breakfast – you’ve regurgitated that stupidity all over us, in full vomit force, on this blog.

  7. Fans of pop legend Michael Jackson will soon be able to step into his shoes (and sequined socks) and hit the virtual dancefloor with the release of ‘Michael Jackson: The Experience,’ a new videogame from Ubisoft. It’ll be lively.

  8. well,frankly speaking,i pray michael truly find jesus in his soul.because that is my greatest worry for him.when you are so popular and on top,no body really knows what you are passing through,michael gave us his love and through music he touch the world.but the only person that can give him peace and eternal love is jesus christ.ihope he finds jesus.because i keep praying for his soul.

  9. my brothers and sisters in humanity
    truly no religion calls for this than islam
    if you reject something let it not be due to ignorance but instead reason.

  10. u christians r completely out of your minds. Sitting there nd calling Muhammad(SAW) a pedophile. Before you hype it over another religion get the facts of ur religion straight. Who is Jesus. “God” or the “son of God.” Clearly u all r deluded because you use both terms for him. In case someone out there hasn’t noticed, u cannot b urself and ur own son at the same time. Confusing isn’t it.
    And all u muslims out there don’t waste your tym swearing at Islam haters. U won’t gain much at the end of the day. Didn’t Muhammad’s (SAW’s) preachings not teach u to respect all human kind no matter what race or religion they are from.
    Islam is the true religion and someday people will repent for the sins they have commited.

    peace x

  11. why all this talk about religion what did the scriptures say (have no other GOD BUT ME because I god am a jealous god .food for your tought you foolish people

  12. no religion has ever preached violence and murder. Only man has, using his twisted views of the religion he follows.There is only one God and he alows all people to worship him freely. He hears all prayers. He is a loving God. Once we can accept that we are all intertwined in our believes and children of one God we will all embark on an enlightenment that is to date inconceivable to mankind

  13. Sounds like a lot of Muslims really really wish that Michael converted to Islam when he did not. Anything anyone says otherwise is complete conjecture. This is one brother saying what he wants to believe, but Michael had many siblings. It can be said that Michael Jackson was a spiritual man in general, but please stop projecting your religions onto him, especially after death. I don’t care what religion he was, but somehow people think that if he believed what they did (and maybe he did like some things, and maybe he did not like other things), that somehow legitimizes them and their beliefs. Honestly? Leave Michael alone. He was himself and what he represented to people around the world went far above the name of religion.

  14. Oh my fellow muslim brothers and sister in the religion of islam, why arguing with the people of the book, after Allah has said “the worst moving living creatures on earth are disbeliever“ in view of this i guess there is no point arguing weathere mj is a muslim or not, may Allah forgive all our short coming!

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