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Dear friends
Despite advances in technology, communication, and social networking, law and legal issues have been slow to adapt and remain opaque for most people.

Most people get referred to lawyers through friends or other referrals with precious little guidance to go on.  It can also be hard to get specialized information that details concrete steps on what to do if you have a legal issue without getting charged an arm and a leg for it.  This process is difficult even for basic legal questions; I can’t descibe how many times I’ve had to talk to people  trying to figure it out on their own at a place like LegalZoom which just sells legal forms.

I am a long time reader of Goatmilk and fellow lawyer and I’ve talked to Waj about changing this.  Several sites on the internet now offer places where you can submit a legal question and get feedback from real lawyers; some of these sites charge money.

We thought we’d offer a similar service to the Goatmilk community for free, called LawDiscuss.

LawDiscuss is a place to ask and answer legal questions and is built off the popular Stackexchange framework.  There is already a growing number of people using the site; the goal is for the site to function as a resource for attorneys, students applying to law school, law school students, and anyone seeking legal information.

Though the site doesn’t aim to replace your lawyer, we’re aiming for it to be a free resource that will benefit you and that you can consult at your leisure.  [Wajahat will be on the site from time to time taking your questions.]
We want to extend a warm welcome to you and to come check us out if you’re interested at

– Your friends at Goatmilk


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