A Sex Gift Inspired By Sex And The City


Note: This Is A Guest Post By AHijabi

I have found the perfect guy.  Ahmed meets up to all my expectations, dreams, wants and desires. Unfortunately, it’s just not the right time.  Marriage is on hold for at least another year while we chase after our careers and establish ourselves.  But does that mean we should try to quell our basic sexual instincts? I don’t think so. And why should it?  After all, when we’re hungry, we beeline straight for the fridge to satisfy our need for food. Why should sexual gratification be any different?

I didn’t always think like this.

My first approach was always to try to stop myself from thinking about it, but that was like having an elephant in the room. It wasn’t exactly the most effective method to deal with lack of physical intimacy.

There had to be another way to keep my virginity intact and not go against my religion!

Surprisingly it was Ahmed who provided me with the answer.  Due to distance and change in schedules we would try to do an activity together at least once a week over the phone or online.  We’d either schedule to watch TV at the same time or play online games like Scrabble, Poker, or Monopoly…

One day when it was my turn to pick something to do, I settled for watching Sex and the City reruns. (I love the fact he absolutely HATES that show.)

It was episode Episode 9, Season 1, where Charlotte gets the Pink Rabbit, a sex toy, and becomes so addicted that she can’t leave her room.

“Do you have one of those?”

If I wasn’t so brown, you’d be able to see that I was blushing furiously!!

“WHAT???” I started laughing nervously. “Why would I ever get that? I could never own something like that. I don’t even know if it’s allowed.”

Suddenly he became quiet, serious.

“I’m ordering it for you.  It’s going to be a while before we get married, so you should own one.”

At this point, I still thought he was joking. Maybe this was some sort of “test.” Girls test guys all the time, they must do the same, right? I didn’t want to linger on that subject for too long so we started
talking about something else.

A couple days later, when I had completely forgotten about this conversation, I got a plain looking package in a brown box.  I usually order stuff online and forget about it, so it wasn’t much of a surprise getting the package. The surprise happened when I opened it to see the Pink Rabbit staring back at me.

My jaw nearly hit the ground.

I never expected to see one in person, much less hold one in my hand.  They’re actually craftily made for girls who aren’t into things lewd and raunchy.

For example the vibrator portion is actually shaped like a rabbit, with the ears pointing out for clitoral stimulation. Right under the tip of the shaft is, get this… a smiley face! I’m not sure what it’s meant for but I’m guessing it’s one of two things: 1. it makes you smile when you see it or 2. for slight texture. There are pearls at the base that rotate, that gives it yet another feminine touch and familiarity.

What girl doesn’t adore a string of pearls?

There was no way in hell I was using it for the purpose it was intended. It felt too weird. (That and it didn’t come with batteries. Haha.)

I stuffed it in the back of my closet under a pile of clothes for a while. A couple days later, Ahmed was asked if I had gotten it.  All I could say was yes but that it didn’t come with batteries so I never bothered to try it.

Two days later I got four size C batteries in the mail.

And like The Rabbit, get chucked into the closet.

Another couple weeks go by and I’m sitting around idly, bored with nothing to do. When my thoughts inevitably roam their way to the brown box buried under the piles of discarded clothes in the bottom of my closet. I got up and took it out. It took me a bit longer to rummage through to find the batteries. (I really need to learn to clean my closet more often.) When I finally found them I put them in to test out the remote control.

It didn’t come with a manual, but…

what’s my choice of drug to kill the pains of sexual craving?

Two words.

The Rabbit.


5 thoughts on “A Sex Gift Inspired By Sex And The City

  1. AHijabi-Ahmad sounds like a keeper, never thought Muslim guys could be so thoughtful. Am glad your enjoying “the rabbit”…was always curious myself after that particular episode. Cheers!

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