M.I.A.’s controversial new video “Born Free” pulled from Youtube

Check out the controversial video here: http://miauk.com/

Is this video effective? Too simplistic and intense? Is it about living in a police state or clearly about brutal, racially motivated crackdowns on illegal immigrants?

Truthout has a piece here which says it’s clearly about Palestininians

Let’s hear your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “M.I.A.’s controversial new video “Born Free” pulled from Youtube

  1. I experienced the video quite intensily and saw it as an effective tool to override our culturally fixed attitudes and roles. I myself am a freckle faced western girl and have been born free but in M.I.A.’s video I’m the one who could be loosing that freedom, not “them”. In my view this video speaks strongly against all oppression. Yes, it is aggressive but also intelligent and it manages to cause a stir in the emotions while simultaneously conveying a message directed to society today. Sounds like art (at least by the standards of Frank Carter/Gallows)…

    Thanks for sharing this video.

  2. First I thought this video is telling the story of victims around the world, besides Palestinians, then I found out it was addressing the new immigration law in Arizona, then came to my attention Mubarak register, but Guantanamo became apparent!! But once I saw the whole thing, I realized it was my mother in law reaction to our Ramadan/Christmas dinner!!

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