Hate Blogger Pamela Geller Last Person on Earth to Ask Muslims to “Respect Sensitivities”


Behind Plastic Pam’s heavily botoxed face and surgically augmented breasts lies a dark black stone for a heart.

By Danios with contribution from Rosseau

John Roberts recently filled in for Anderson Cooper, and correctly pinned the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy to hate blogger Pamela Geller, a radical right-wing anti-Muslim bigot. Geller is the one who first blogged about the issue, trumping it up using the fantastic language that she is so well-known for. Roberts made a point during his interview with Geller that I thought he could have developed a bit more. He pointed out that Pamela Geller was outraged when her hateful anti-Muslim bus ads were opposed. The New York Daily News characterized her bus ads as “messages of hate masquerading as messages of help.” Those bus ads carried a link to an anti-Muslim website, one which decried “the falsity of Islam.”

The Miami-Dade transit authority had declared that they were going to remove those ads due to the fact that the ads were deemed offensive to Muslims. (Ya think?) Pamela Geller lost her mind, called it a violation of her First Amendment rights, and sued the transit authority. The Miami-Dade transit authority backed down, and the hateful ads are still found on buses today. John Roberts pointed out that Geller had cried “First Amendment!” then, but suddenly she can’t see that the Muslim-Americans who own the property two blocks from Ground Zero have their First Amendment right to build a “mega mosque” there. (It’s actually an Islamic cultural center, not a “mega mosque.”) When challenged on this point, Geller argued back that it wasn’t about First Amendment rights, but about “being sensitive.” Said Geller on CNN:

It is a human compassion issue. It is common decency. That this is so painful to so many 9/11 families.

Wow, that’s rich. Where was your “human compassion”, Ms. Geller, when you put those hateful ads up on buses? Are Muslims not humans? If they are, are they not worthy of your “human compassion”? Is it from “common decency” to post hateful ads up on buses, ones which hurt and disparage Muslims? If someone had put the exact same ad up against Catholics, disingenuously asking “victims of Catholic priest pedophilia” to follow a hyperlink to an anti-Catholic website, would you say this is from “common decency?” Let us suppose that the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” put up a huge sign in front of their mosque, calling Judaism a “false religion”–just as your ad linked to a website that said the same of Islam–who do you suppose would be at the forefront of the campaign to oppose the mosque?

Is it not interesting, and a sign of our times, that hateful anti-Muslim ads do not garner any national attention, but an Islamic cultural center–dedicated to pluralism and tolerance–is so opposed? Hateful, bigoted, and intolerant ads are OK, but a cultural center dedicated to peace, love, and interfaith cooperation is offensive to the “sensitivities” of “Judeo-Christian” Americans? If hate blogger Pamela Geller did not respect the sensitivities of Muslim-Americans when she ran (and continues to run) those hateful anti-Muslim ads, then why should Muslim-Americans care about her sensitivities?

Geller’s hypocrisy with regard to the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” is clear once we close our eyes and think back to not too long ago when Geller and her sidekick, Robert Spencer (of the “Obama-is-a-Moozlem” variety), promoted the drawing of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. On display were some of the most disgusting and vile portrayals of a religious figure that even shocked some of those who had initially backed the idea. In that instance it was completely fine for Geller, Spencer and the rest of the anti-Muslim blogosphere to trample on the sensitivities of Muslims all over the world in the name of freedom of speech. However, when Muslim-American New Yorkers decided to create a community center (that happens to include a prayer area) near that which Geller and Spencer consider sacred, then all hell breaks loose. Muslims must then fall prostrate to what Geller considers sacred and holy.

Pamela Geller argues that the decent thing for Manhattan Muslims to do is move the center farther away from Ground Zero, even though they have a constitutional right to create the center. Yet, Geller remains oblivious to the hypocrisy she is engaging in here. Sure Pam, you have the right to mock and desecrate the name of a man that over one billion humans consider sacred, but is it the right thing to do? The sensitivities of “Judeo-Christian” Americans are to be honored, based on the fact that it is “hallowed ground”, but the sensitivities of Muslims towards one they consider “hallowed” (the Prophet Muhammad) cannot?

And there is a major difference between the drawing of the cartoons and the Islamic cultural center. The cartoons, and the whole “Draw Muhammad Day” brouhaha, was created for the entire purpose of sticking it to the Muslims, to hurt their feelings. On the other hand, the Islamic cultural center was not created with that intent. The Manhattan Muslims weren’t engaging in a disgusting and childish act like Geller and Spencer were promoting on their hate blogs. The Muslims in this instance were engaging in outreach to build bridges with others, not destroy them like Geller did when she put up the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Yet, despite their noble aim, Geller demands that the Muslims give up their constitutional right to create a religious center. What a world Geller lives in–post disgusting cartoons of a religious figure and then cry about your constitutional rights when anyone opposes your actions. When others exercise their constitutional rights, bark about them trampling upon your delicate sensitivities!

Pamela Geller is one of the worst human beings on earth. If she were not constrained by the laws of this wonderful land we live in, she would be amongst those who would promote ethnic and religious violence. If Geller had been living in India during the Gujarat Riots, she would be at the front lines, calling for the slaughter of Muslims. She’d be wielding a machete, smeared with the blood of her Muslim victims. That’s not too hard to believe when we recall that she promoted on her website an anti-Muslim video, from a genocidal group in India held responsible for the Gujarat riots that led to the murder of 2,500 people, mostly Muslims. She has called for the annihilation of Pakistan, and the nuking of Mecca, Medina, and Tehran. This is all of course her showcasing to us what it means to possess “human compassion” and “common decency.”

Ms. Geller, we do not need you to tell us about “human compassion” and “common decency.” You are the last person on earth to speak of these things, as you are completely devoid of them. You are a despicable hate blogger, and you will be remembered by the eye of history, just fifty or a hundred years from now, as equivalent to those who called for the Japanese to be interned in camps. And people will wonder then, how could those people have been so stupid (and hateful) to think that?

One last slightly (un)related point: I’ve heard many bigots raise the argument that “as soon as there are churches in Saudi Arabia, then we can have a mosque at Ground Zero.” While of course you will never find anyone more in favor of churches in Saudi Arabia than I (are the Saudis so doubtful of the veracity of their religion that they fear the competition?), I cannot tolerate such bigoted tribalism. It typifies the “us vs. them” mentality that is in fact the core of Al-Qaeda theology, and is shared by the crazy right-wing nuts in our country. “The Other”–the Muslims–are The Borg, and they don’t let us build churches there, so we won’t let them build mosques here. All this ignores the fact that the Muslims in Saudi Arabia are not the same as Muslim-Americans, so there is no “them.”

But if these bigots wish to foist this comparison of “us vs. them” upon the situation, then let us reevaluate where we stand. They bombed us once, on 9/11. Do you know how many buildings “we’ve” bombed in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to speak of Pakistan and Yemen? According to Harvard Professor Stephen M. Walt we’ve likely killed “over one million” Muslims, “equivalent to over 100 Muslim fatalities for every American lost.” And this, not by terrorists outside the control of the will of the people and the government but by the sanction of the duly-elected government of the United States of America. As Jason Mustian put it: “In fairness, we’ve been building ‘ground zeros’ near Iraqi mosques since March 2003.” Quite simply, we were fortunate enough to be able to call it 9/11, an infamous day but one day in one year. “They” have so many “9/11′s” that they would have one every day of the year for several years, making it difficult to name them. Certainly “they” could not name them based on date or day, since so many dates and days are ones in which we bomb “them.”

If Americans are so outraged by a small Islamic cultural center being built two blocks away from Ground Zero, then how angry do you think Muslim Iraqis are that we built a gargantuan military base in Iraq–one that is actually the size of a small city? A “mega mosque” arouses our suspicion; what do you think a “mega military base” does to theirs? If the presence of some Muslim-Americans peacefully praying two blocks away from where “Muslims” attacked us bothers us so much, can you imagine how much “they” hate “us” stationing thousands of troops where “we” bombed “them”? The point here is not to justify the “us vs. them” viewpoint espoused by Al-Qaeda and other Islamic extremists. Rather, it is to convince you–the American reader–that such comparisons do not suit us even from a tactical standpoint. From an ideological and principled standpoint, of course, this “us vs. them” lens is wholly opposed to the American ideal, which is that we are all Americans, regardless of religion. Ours is a pluralistic society, and we should take pride in that. “They” don’t win by placing an Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero. We do.


27 thoughts on “Hate Blogger Pamela Geller Last Person on Earth to Ask Muslims to “Respect Sensitivities”

  1. So anything affecting “Mush-Lim senjitivities” is no no. But Mush-lims need not be sensitive to others sensitivities? There is a kaffir saying “that which is sause the goose is also sause for the gander”. So can you tell me when mush-lims were sensitive to others? When have they stopped demanding this and that from the places where they got in by begging, deciet, taquiya yada yada.
    If they think it is OK to have a moske there, they should also agree to have a gay bar and a brothel nearby.

  2. I fail to understand the controversy. Should teh house of God be built where even one man feels anguish. That is compassion. What did Pope do when jews felt bad about a convent near the Auchwitz? He backed off saying “we have the right but we must respect the feeling of others” But Muslims cannot be seen backing off eh? Because we are the chosen people to whom all else must bow and bend. Thats not right.
    Why are you equating a mosque to a military base? Is it because in your subconcious you want it to be a military base to attack the west?
    Has Muslims not said that Ummah is ONE? Then how can there be a separate entity called american muslims? Thats just convinient Taquiya? Headly was an al quaida operative. So american muslims – at least some – are terrorists. So then how do you filter them off.
    Come off the high horse and be a normal compassionate humanbeing.
    Remember ONE innocent killed is killing of the humanity. So there were 1000s of innocents and unborns interred at the ground zero thanks to islamic perfedy. Keep off if you can or go ahead and increase the hate that will one day grow and engulf the ummah.

  3. Further a cemetry is not a place for a mosque. It is forbidden. Or is it that american muslims have a separate quoran?

      • It is a pity that if one says anything against foolish statements one becomes a non-muslim. But then ask any Pakistani who is a True muslim you get varied answers. For Shi’as sunnis, ahammadiyas etc are non-muslims and liable to be killed. They are doing it too. For Shi’as Sunnis and ahamadiyas. so Brian dear who is the true muslim. As for 50 million muslims, thats the whole problem we infilterate everywhere and breed like pigs so that we can take over. But please remember there can be many a slip between the cup and the lip.
        Look at india!! Islam attacked it relentlessly for a millinia and ruled it for 150 years(the actual rule of muslims over a major part of India ended with Aurangazeb. Thereafter Moghuls were pensioners of Marathas and then British. Still 85% of India is Hindu. Think it over before starting wet dreams.

    • Than arab christian or cophic christian telling muslim how to practice they faith. On that phoney hollow ground are 3 or 4 strip joint where women dance naked in front of strangther, 3 house of prostition, 4 topless bars.

  4. I pray to Allah in this Holy month that reason prevails. My dear friends!! Otherwise this present flood was a warning. A greater one will wipe off islam from the face of earth. Remember how wrathful Allah is. If we are a religion of peace we will not do all we are doing now. Cease!! Desist!! lest Allah turn its wrathful eyes on Ummah.

    • India is than good exsample of that Islam didnot spead by the Sword. Islam rule India for close to a thousand year. America is than seclura state that lost it values that make life worth liveing. In 1970 there where only 100,000 muslim in America right now the number chould be closer to 15,000,000 muslim in america.

      • A thousand years’ rule of India is an islamic wet dream. The arabs started attacking the fringes of India and the actual conquest of a major part of India was reached after 1627. And it ended with the begot Aurangazeb in 1707. After that the mogul emperors were pensioners and prisoners of marathas and then English with no say in anything. Stop wet dreaming Brian.
        The rulers did try conversion with sword a LOT. many people were butchered by the foreigners. Their attrocities are untold for an alleged peaceful religion. Yet less than 10% conveerted. it is NOT because of the benign nature of islam but because of teh resilence of the natives.

  5. India didnot exsit as than moderm nation untril 1947. India was than collection of Cities-State that fought war along themself. Islam reach part of India which make up modern day Pakistan. It spead by peaceful mean. Arab make only raid into India for treasure and the Arab also use preaceful trade also. It was than Turkish tribe that convert to Islam that set out to conquest India.

    • India as a National entity was known and existed long long before. It consisted of many constituents.
      Anyway i need not teach history to you as I have students to teach it.
      I can only correct a person who is willing to be corrected. Since India’s entity is not the issue here Brian dear read up INDIAN History.
      I did an extensive study of what is taught in Pakistan as history and your statements are coming from that. It is in no way connected with reality.
      I will not argue with you because when faced with facts that contradict your theory you take a different tack.
      The issue is hate. solve it
      I end my post here.

      • Modern Day Nation State didnot exsit on than large scale untril the 20th century. Communicate was the main problim so can than carryer pigon carry masive load of paperwork. The signal flags and light cannot carry massive messages for day to day running of than large nation state in the ancient world. Even the Roman Empire fell because they try to run everything from the capital.

      • You are the type of Islamoprobic who believe that Islam was spead by the sword, you must be the worst treacher in your school. What Muslim Army invade Indonesia, China and South East Asia( Thailand, Burna,Vietman.) Or to North America and South America. There is close to 15 million muslim in america now 5% of the population.

  6. Well, Pam suffers from what I call “Wingnut Blindness Syndrome.” That is, she has the ability to see only one side of an issue–hers–without seeing any of the other sides of the issue…

  7. My dear Brian:
    As I said I will not enter into discussion with you unless there is a point by point rebuttal or agrument. When you have no answer do not start islamophobia whatever. The main reason is you make statements unsupported by facts. We were not talking of what happens now. I was talking of Islam in India and its spread. I was just answering your fantasy of 1000 year rule of india(your words); then you there there was no India.
    Lets make something very very clear 90% of indian muslims are living happily in a secular environment with full protection. 10% does not understand how safe they are and so goes into terrorist mode. They are making things difficult for muslims in india and they have the support of na-paki stan to which obviously “Brian” belongs. he is not even brave enough to give his real name and has to adopt a kaffir name. If you want to use a false name at least use an islamic name. Are you so ashamed of your Paki origin you have to pretend to be a kaffir? Shame on you.
    Obviously you are not educated enough to understand how to read and analyse history. When you learn to do that and have done so we will discuss.
    Till then Khuda Hafiz.

    • It my real name you fool I only convert to Islam after 9-11 than I than now 60 year old punk born in america you fool.

  8. My dear Mullah Brianuddin:

    I disagree becauj u ispik pinglis and not amirkhan inglis. Samjhe? me know pinglis; hinglis and amirkhan inglis well well.

    No need hide yaar unless u apraid af Homeland security catching on. That they have done already. Me immune so me ispik.

    U no want put ur idee into maddrassa math 1, 3, 5,9? Me resht me case. Wokays?


    • So you are than RAW spy from India may-be the the FBI needed to know about this. I was born in America but born with than brain damage speech center. Where I live the INS got in touble over me even the local congressman yell at then about my mistreaten of me by then. That why I think Teabagger of the Tea Party are Islamistprobic Racict like you.

  9. in quran it says that mr Mohammad was greeted by a jewish man by only sayin shalom and mr Mohd greeted back by sayin wa’alaika whis actually means same to you, and now days muslims convince them self that they dont need to greet christians cus me Mohd never greeted to jews the full muslim way which is shalom and gods blessing be with you, so in many muslim countries sayin merry xmas is a sin,,, and you all wanna let these people be ur neighbour??i live in Indonesia , i know more …

  10. The problem in Indonesia is from outside Islamist and outside Christian force. The Islamist one want to turn modest Indonesia into than radical Islamist State while the outside Christian missoray want to convest the people of Indonesia into Christian by the point of than gun(by force of arm). Than Christian terrorist group inside of Indonesia murber over than 100 muslim in than Islamist School on than Island that have both Christian and Muslim liveing on it. The Christian who carry out the Terrorist attack where excute for they action, the Christian in Europe and America didnot want these criminal excute.

  11. “Great” arab inventions. Obama’s Cairo speech.

    In his Cairo speech, Obama accredited to arabs all fundamental inventions human race made over centuries. None of the Obama mentioned is true, as every person graduated from credible high school knows. However, it does not mean that arabs, great nation with centuries of history, has no inventions critical for human life. They have and here they are:
    1. Ethnic Cleansing – invented centuries ago, implemented over 2000 years ago in Israel when they occupied Israel and disseminated Jews around the world; from 1948 through 1953 arab countries expelled a million Jews and stole their properties; in 1999, Kosovo Liberation Army stormed homes of the last 15 Jews in Kosovo’s capital, who had to clear out, with just the clothes on their backs; currently, Jews in Yemen under attack, including the murder of Jewish community leader Moshe Yaish al-Nahari. “They throw stones at us. They curse us. They want to kill us,” said Salem Suleiman of his former Muslim neighbors.
    2. Genocide – invented by Turks and implemented in 1915–1917 in Armenia: over 1.5 mln. Armenians, including children, died.
    3. Holocaust – invented by Haj Amin al Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem, in 1920s in Palestine (occupied territory of the State of Israel); implemented in Palestine in 1920s-30s; in 1941, Haj Amin al Husseini brought the Holocaust idea to Hitler and helped him to implement Holocaust in Europe from 1941; he organized in Europe two islamofascist brigades that operated under SS. Had their own concentration camp and killed thousand of Europeans, including Jews.

    Islam is based on three fundamental principles:
    1. Stealing
    2. Killing, and
    3. Lying
    Koran is Islamic Mein Kamf.

    Koran says:
    “Slay them wherever you find them. Fight against them till idolatry is no more and God’s religion reigns supreme” (Sura 2:190),
    “Seek out your enemies relentlessly” (Sura 4:103),
    “Make war on them till idolatry shall cease and God’s religion shall reign supreme” (Sura 8:36),
    “When the sacred months are over slay the unbelievers wherever you find them. Arrest them, beseige them and lie in ambush everywhere for them” (Sura 9:5),
    “Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you” (Sura 9:121),
    “When you meet the unbelievers on the battlefield strike off their heads” (Sura 47:3),
    “Prophet, make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal sternly with them. Hell shall be their home, evil their fate” (Sura 66:7).

    Islam is fascism and must be eliminated from the face of the Earth.

    • Unfortunately, many of you are misinterpreting a religion you do not master.
      Dear, get to know more contextually before copy and pasting from hate sites..
      There are so many hate pages about ALL religions

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