Tradition or Extradition? The Threat to Muslim-Americans

Interesting article written by Abdal-Hakim Murad.

Here’s a snippet:

The new generation will be well-advised to take some courageous steps. Firstly, it needs to acknowledge that furiously anti-Western readings of Islam are unlikely to serve Muslims in the dangerous context of modern America. It is already clear to many that Mawdudi and Qutb were not writing for 21st century Muslim minorities in the West, but for a mid-twentieth century struggle against secular repression and corruption in majority Muslim lands. They themselves would probably be startled to learn that their books were being pressed on utterly different communities, fifty years on. Yet our tradition has been diverse in its response to the scriptures, and other, less ideological readings of our tradition are readily available. As Sachiko Murata notes:

“The fact that so many interpretations of Islam have now been narrowed down to fit into ideological frameworks is simply a reflection of modern Muslims’ ignorance of the Islamic tradition and their sense of impotence in the face of the impersonal forces of modernity. It says nothing about the rich resources of the tradition itself.[xxiii]

As well as ‘de-ideologising’ Islam, we need to turn again to the founding story of Islam for guidance on the correct conduct of guests. An insulting guest will not be tolerated indefinitely even by the most courteous of hosts; and pulpit broadsides against Western culture have to be seen as at best discourteous. A measured, concerned critique of social dissolution, unacceptable beliefs, or destructive foreign policies will always be a required component of Muslim discourse, but wild denunciations of Great Satans or global Crusader Conspiracies are, for Muslims here, not only dangerous, but are also discourteous – scarcely a lesser sin. This must be made absolutely clear to organisations who visit communities with a view to offering funding from totalitarian states.”

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3 thoughts on “Tradition or Extradition? The Threat to Muslim-Americans

  1. I e-mail CAIR about the board ofr our mosque being too friendry with the emeny the FBI the FBI declare war on Islam by illegal deport muslim in LA who where here legality so I say the FBI is the emeny ofr Islam. No muslim can worked for the FBI than his wife is guiely of sleeping with the emeny. N decent poper muslim woman caqn sleep with the emeny.

  2. It I was president of america I would declare French is no more the internation languague of dipmat all contacts, agreement and treatries written in French no matter other language there is volid in america. Sent federal Agent to arrest any french law enforce person who enforce the law asw they are opressdion muslim people. When french people visit america cannot go around half naked kike they do in french they will dress like muslim woman include wearing the Hijab. The EURO will not be legal tender in america no america owned banks and bussienes will be allow to take the EURO in payment for anything includeing those in EURO nations. Declare the french government illegality an start than upraiseing with the muslim useing america military power to back then to over throw that illegal government.

  3. What about the anti-islam message from the Islamoprobic racist like Robert Spence who I donot conside than america citizen for his Hate Speech against muslim and Islam the federal court are failing to potect muslim and Islam from hate speech the federal court needed to do they job by deport Robert Spender back to the UK.

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