Protests in Egypt – as they happened

An extremely thorough and readable, up-to-date round up of the protests in Egypt by The Guardian

Give it a read here

A riot policeman fires tear gas at protestors in CairoA riot policeman fires tear gas at protesters in front of the l-Istiqama Mosque in Giza, Cairo, today. Photograph: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

12.16am GMT: As we move into Saturday morning, we’ll be bringing the live blog to a close shortly. We’ll be continuing our coverage tomorrow, but there’s much more on the Egypt protests at Thanks for staying with us, and in the meantime, here’s a summary of the main points today:

• President Hosni Mubarak appeared on TV to tell Egyptians he has asked the government to resign. Mubarak will form a new government on Saturday, but there was no indication that the president himself would be stepping aside.

• Barack Obama, the US president, said he had spoken to Mubarak following his televised address, and called on Egyptian authorities to refrain from using violence against peaceful protesters. “This moment of volatility has to be turned into a moment of promise,” Obama said.

• The White House said it was reviewing its $1.5bn in aid to Egypt, on a day which saw tanks move in after protesters defied a nationwide curfew ordered by President Mubarak. Reports said at least 20 people were killed and more than 1,000 injured on the fourth and most violent day of protests against Mubarak’s 30-year rule.

• In another significant development, Mohamed ElBaradei, the former UN weapons chief who may stand in presidential elections later this year, was placed under house arrest for “his own protection” after returning from abroad

Read the rest here:

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    Ghulam Muhammed

    Mumbai, India

    The serial toppling of Arab/African govts. is a new wave of regime change mode of war on the weak by the strong: the US. It has exhausted its funds for wars by losing in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is now using Facebook and Twitter, as new tools of war to sow dissent and divisions in restive people of the region and impose its hegemony through its chosen proxies. Progressives like herd of sheep, are helping US strengthen its stranglehold on new colonies. US after unleashing its fake ‘war on terror’ is now embark on a new fake ‘revolution for democracy’ campaign by organized protests even in friendly countries to deepen its tentacles in their governance. Egypt is targeted for refusing to supply gas to Israel. Just like Mullah Omar was toppled and demonized for refusing to give UNOCAL permission of a pipeline through Afghanistan. Argentina’s govt toppled (for cutting in on UNOCAL). India’s very independent newspaper, The Indian Express, has devoted half page space on its front page and a full page inside, to carry articles from New York Times. This is the worst case of paid news scourge overwhelming India’s main stream media. Indian media and people should be very vigilant with US moves in the name of common strategies that will eventually rob of its freedom.

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