Letter by UC Davis Professors asking DA to drop charges against UC Irvine 11






TELEPHONE: (530) 752-6942

FAX: (530) 752-0822


February 22, 2011


Tony Rackauckas

Office of the District Attorney

401 Civic Center Drive

Santa Ana, California 92701


Dear Mr. Rackauckas:


We believe that the University campus should be a place for civil discourse and debate.  Last year, eleven students non-violently disrupted a speech by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren on the UC Irvine campus, and were subsequently disciplined by the University.  We are disturbed by the decision of the Orange County District Attorney to bring criminal charges against these eleven students.  Responding to these non-violent student protests by way of criminal prosecution will have a chilling effect on the students, staff, and faculty of the University of California, and place the principles of free speech and freedom of expression at risk.  As evidenced by a video recording of the incident, the students engaged in verbal expression which resulted in the delaying of Oren’s speech, a speech he ultimately completed. To respond to such an act with criminal prosecution is excessive.  Accordingly, we urge the DA to dismiss all criminal charges against the students stemming from the above-described incident.

Raha Jorjani, Clinical Professor

Mario Biagioli, Distinguished Professor of Law and Science and Technology Studies

Andrea Bjorklund, Professor of Law

Anupam Chander, Professor of Law

Holly S. Cooper, Clinical Professor

J. Angelo DeSantis, Legal Writing and Research Professor

Bill Ong Hing, Professor Emeritus

Lisa Ikemoto, Professor of Law

Peter Lee, Professor of Law

Evelyn A. Lewis, Professor of Law

Millard Murphy, Clinical Professor

Amagda Perez, Clinical Professor

Rex R. Perschbacher, Professor of Law, Daniel J. Dykstra Endowed Chair

Hon. Cruz Reynoso, California Supreme Court Justice (retired), Professor Emeritus

Leticia Saucedo, Professor of Law and Director of Clinical Legal Education

James F. Smith, Professor Emeritus

Carter White, Clinical Professor



2 thoughts on “Letter by UC Davis Professors asking DA to drop charges against UC Irvine 11

  1. To drop these excessive charges would merely be the reasonable thing to do. But does reason survive in our pro-Israeli lobbied world? Do the current revolutions in the Middle East need to turn global for people here to realize that these unreasonable actions lead to related consequences? Aren’t they keeping a view of history in their sights? Forgetting the lessons of history will only lead to a repetition of it, and I don’t think any of us wants that. I certainly don’t. Do they?

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