Hate Rally Against American Muslims in Orange County, California: Very Disturbing Video

An extremely sad and disturbing video featuring rhetoric reminiscent of the most shameful moments in American history.

Some of the “highlights” include the following:

– Protesters  yelling at seven and ten year old kids calling them terrorists

– Repeatedly chanting “terrorists go back home” (while many attendees live in the area)

– Protesters yelling “no sharia, “do you beat up your wife, are you a molester – you are aren’t you, why don’t you go beat up your wife like you do every night, go marry a nine year old, take your sharia and go home eat sand.”

– Congressman Royce telling the crowd “…..I’m proud of you and proud of what you’re doing”.

–  Villa park Councilwoman Deborah Pauley:  “…..I know quiet a few marines who would be very happy to help these terrorists (referring to the American Muslims banquet attendees)  to an early meeting in paradise”.  These comments were met with the most jubilant applause by the protesters. She continued:  “……I don’t even care if you think I’m crazy anymore”.



16 thoughts on “Hate Rally Against American Muslims in Orange County, California: Very Disturbing Video

  1. how sad for them to be so proud when they are revelling in such hatred. they are just the same as those men who bomb people in the name of islam — they are just senselessly attacking innocents.

  2. I would say that the US is one of the most backward Western countries out there. This is almost like having German skinheads sanctioned by a German politician. As far as the speakers, it seems like some right wing Jewish groups had some axe to grind and got involved in it because they want American Christians to fight Israel’s wars, though 60% of American Jews oppose Jewish radicals. They are claiming they are attacking people hosting controversial speakers. I don’t know about that, and are not right wing Jewish and Christian folks supporting radicals in Israel and adding fuel to the fire? What’s the darn difference? They are not being secular people like Thomas Jefferson or Thomas Paine.
    I understand the protesters are afraid, but they are being used as a tool and fed disinformation.

  3. I was shocked to see a country that is meant to be a major leader in the world behave that way.

    Every country has its different cultures and we should celebrate it.

    No person let alone a child should hear that.

    Show a little respect and understanding America and you never know you might make new friends and learn something !

  4. The truth is that there are much more extremely sad and disturbing video’s to see with bearded Imams shouting their hatred against the West and especially America…

    Lets try to understand each other in order to build a better world without those nasty religions!

  5. If we are not vigilant,anti-Semitism will rear its ugly head again. First it was the Jews, now it’s the Muslims. God knows who is next.

    Some people have obviously not learnt the lessons of history. You sow the seeds of hatred, and we will all suffer the consequences, particularly our children and children’s children.

    The video reminds me of scenes of hatred against the Jews which preceded the Second World War. God help us all…

  6. It’s obvious these protesters are ignorant and/or bigoted and/or delusional, but at the same time, we all know they do not represent the majority of Americans.

    The most disturbing part for me is to see elected officials participating in these type of activities. There are anti-Muslim folks who are both Republican and Democrat.

    In a way, there is at least one bright side. These situations are an important reminder for people to realize the depth of the ignorance and to take steps to articulate and educate the rest of society.

  7. The truth is, we are at war with the muslims. It is time to take the holy land back from these terrorists who behead innocent UN workers in Afganistan for something a crazy pastor did in Florida. Im ready, are you?

    • I feel sorry for you “Truth” because you seem to be just as blind as the ‘bearded terrorists’.

      If you try to remove the blinkers, you will see that the true picture of reality is far more complex than you make it. The vast majority of Muslims are quiet, peace loving people. You are only listening to the loudest voices of extremists, and it appears that you believe everything you read and watch in the media-without using much of your brain. I guess it’s easier for you. Go ahead, join the haters & killers…sigh

  8. @JJ.Rousseau

    Whats wrong “bearded imams” condemning the West? The west is the world’s foremost supporter of terrorism and greatest manufacturer of weapons of mass destruction. Resistance of western terrorism is not radicalism but pure common sense.
    Westerners have killed over 200 million people in the last century. This crowd is typical of white western terrorists.

  9. This reminds me of the protests of the fifties and sixties in the south. White southerners outraged over the fact that their white children will be made to sit in classrooms with the “negro”. I remember seeing videos of white adults spitting on children trying to go to a intergrated school by court order. Those who don’t learn from and remember the past are doomed to repeat it. This country will never change…

  10. Horrible display. I’m super happy about these guys representing me as a Caucasian American. I’m not sure if any of these people can read, but they should pick up the Constitution sometime. Be in my religion or get out? Maybe the protesters are the ones who need to move to the Middle East; it sounds like they would be right at home.

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