6 thoughts on “THE NYPD

  1. If this is such an intellectual playground, then why haven’t you mentioned the Hamza Kashgari case? Or on this playground, do you only admit Muslims that are victims of the non-Muslims?

    Let’s try this one in your brainy bouncy house debates: What is the appropriate punishment for blasphemy? Apostasy?

    • HI JDay: that’s a little unfair. There’s a million cases not mentioned in this blog, it was never intended to be encyclopedic. As for “appropriate punishments,” I’m not sure Ali ever represented himself as an expert on religious law, He’s certainly never been an apologist for theocratic non-representative governments that go after people like Kashgari and Rushdie.

      I feel, based on similar provocative questions from well-meaning people, that your comments are less a criticism of this blog and more an effort to fire up a religious debate on the merits of the Islamic faith. There are forums for that, but this isn’t really one of them.

    • Funny enough: did you see the latest post? I look forward to your thoughts. Please try to avoid disrespectful language.

      • I will respond to the latest post in the latest post comments section. I am currently editing my thoughts to avoid disrespectful language and this is taking a long time.

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