VOTE: Be a Participant, not a Spectator

Wajahat Ali

Disillusionment, cynicism, bitterness, disgust, contempt, anger, frustration, righteous fury at hypocrisy, failed promises, forked tongues, unmet expectations, cronyism, the corrupting influence of corporate money, unfettered greed, blind ambition and the endless parade of slick haired, wide-smiling, White-teeth baring Gollums in three-piece suits is the snapshot of our 2012 political reality… it has been this way – forever, in every political community that has ever lived.

And, yet, I still implore you to exercise your constitutional right to vote tomorrow. There is a stark difference in the political platform of both candidates that will have tangible, long-lasting impact on the lives of individuals and communities. At the very least be a participant and not a spectator, and take a proactive stance in changing the narrative.


3 thoughts on “VOTE: Be a Participant, not a Spectator

  1. Due to the voting facts, communities aren’t taking real action for making their efforts better. Well, if they don’t improve who would support it. It’s easy to understand what i am pointing.

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