“Facing Race: Muslims and Islam” Series: Airport Celebrities- Flying While Brown by Sherri Eldin


GOATMILK continues its original and exclusive month long series entitled “Facing Race: Muslims and Islam”featuring diverse Muslim writers from around the world discussing race, ethnicity, prejudice, stereotyping and multiculturalism in the post 9-11 world.

Airport Celebrities- Flying While Brown

Sherri Eldin


November 2007, Orlando International Airport: My parents, my 17-year-old brother Ali, and I are returning from a college visit for Ali. Why was I along, you might ask? Because even though the tour was only about 3 hours and baby bro was an obnoxious teenager who wouldn’t want to be caught dead with his family, Mom had naturally turned it into a 3-day family vacation at Universal Studios.

Now here we are at the airport, sick of each other and ready to get home and go our separate ways, when we hit a snag: the guy at the check-in counter informs us that someone in our party has been selected for a security check. I jump at the opportunity for adventure

“You said ‘someone’, right? As in, any one of us?”


“Take me!”

“What?” He’s confused. Why would a young woman volunteer to be detained by national security and potentially strip-searched, cavity-searched, who knows what else? Continue reading