Obama’s Radical Palestinian Professor?

Rashid Khalidi has been called a friend to Barack Obama and an enemy of Israel.

Rashid Khalidi had been bracing for the storm for months, friends said.

Since an April news report detailing his relationship with Senator Barack Obama, Mr. Khalidi, a Middle East scholar and passionate defender of Palestinian rights, had waited to see himself caricatured by Republicans as part of a rogues’ gallery of Obama associates, which has come to include the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. and William C. Ayers, a former member of the Weather Underground.

He was surprised, the friends said, that so little criticism came — until this last frenzied week before the election, when Senator John McCain cited the April article in The Los Angeles Times about a dinner Mr. Obama attended in Mr. Khalidi’s honor in 2003, and questioned Mr. Obama’s commitment to Israel. Continue reading

The Republican red scare

If McCain and Palin want to play the guilt by association game, their own questionable ties must be examined

Wajahat Ali – THE GUARDIAN

The Republicans “October surprise” predictably unveiled itself last week as a virulent smear campaign of racially-tinged, fear-mongering insinuation. In a desperate attempt to deflect attention from an economic crisis and a faltering campaign, John McCain and Sarah Palin have begun shamelessly using Obama’s “blackness” and alleged “Muslimy-ness” to suggest the biracial senator from Illinois is an extremist terrorist.

During the second, monumentally flaccid presidential debate, a condescending and smarmy McCain pointed to Obama and referred to him as “that one”.

It would have been truly maverick had McCain simply dropped the ambiguous rhetoric, boarded his professed straight talk express and instead called him out as “that quasi Muslim,” “that Hussein” or “that guy whose name rhymes with Osama”. Continue reading