Terrorizing the American Politic

Monday October 6, 2008

There have been many low points in this protracted and seemingly never-ending Presidential season. Race and gender wedge-games dominated much of the primary scene, with socioeconomic class being an equally uncomfortable and all-too-often silent factor. Religion too has been present, when it should not have been, like the false rumor that Obama is secretly a Muslim, a myth still believed by some 13% of the voting public.

It has been a nasty campaign, already. Many of us have already run out of righteous indignation, but what we have seen these last few days might be lowest point, and a portent of things to come.  Continue reading

“Voice of Palestine” passes away: Darwish


Thursday August 14, 2008

Mahmud Darwish, the incomparable Palestinian poet and visionary, and the foremost representative of the hopes and dreams of Palestinians since Edward Said, has passed away on August 9th.

When the news of Darwish’s passing came out, it was front-page news on Al-jazeera. The Telegraph covered his passing, as did admirers from Malaysia to Ramallah in Palestine. Meanwhile, American sites like CNN featured crucial news like the passing away of Bernie Mac and John Edwards’ infidelity. Today, while Al-Jazeera continues to honor Mahmud Darwish with an extensive video tribute, CNN features on their front page: Family dog chases 200-lb bear up a tree. It is not just that the Palestinians’ humanity takes a backseat to that of Israelis, it is also buried underneath “America’s Funniest Videos” masquerading as news. No wonder so many around the world despair of America ever being an honest peace-broker in this conflict that for many is not only a political conflict, it is a moral cause. We can’t even sea or hear the anguish of Palestinians, so busy we are being entertained. Continue reading