A Muslim Hijabi Woman’s Thoughts on the Niqab (Face veil)

Niqab: a face veil covering the lower part of the face (up to the eyes) worn by some Muslim women

Hijab:  The headscarf worn by Muslim women that covers the hair.

Author: Anonymous Muslim Hijabi Woman

Niqab is a form of kink. It says precisely the same thing that a Playboy cover does–namely, my whole body is one big sex machine. The only difference is the response…a cover model says “so I’ll flaunt it” and a munaqaba says “so I’ll hide it”.

The interesting thing about niqab, however, is that it’s an equal opportunity sex display. To be a Playboy cover model, you have to be a Size 2 with great hair, great boobs, great skin, and a great face. That’s like 1% of the female population. But anybody can cover up. I’m not surprised that so many women find niqab empowering, because it allows them to hide what they perceive as their flaws in the most tantalizing way possible. It allows them, in a strange paradoxical way, to compete with the 1% of perfect women. And it works! By making men work for it, to put in bluntly, they up their perceived social value.

By wearing niqab a plain woman becomes as hard to get as a Playboy model, and men respond accordingly.

Brilliant in kind of a sick way. I’m not a niqab fan.

14 thoughts on “A Muslim Hijabi Woman’s Thoughts on the Niqab (Face veil)

  1. I mean, to each their own. I do agree, though, that anything in excess calls modesty into question. There is a fetish element to the whole niqab thing that makes me a little uncomfortable. This, of course, is my opinion only. I don’t care what people do, really.

    • I have no problen talking to women who wear the niqab. I was born with than major speech delect I can be understood it people take the time to listern careful and have the abilites to take the time to listern.

  2. To me, the niqab is all about privacy and establishing boundaries. The woman who covers everything moves about in her own little world. It’s no surprise that others find the niqab intimidating–it requires a lot more effort on their part to make contact with the woman who wears one.

    Wearing the niqab seems to be a way of saying to the world, I don’t want to engage with you. That’s the main reason I don’t wear it. I want non-Muslims (and even Muslims) to feel that they can approach me as a person. I do wear the hijab, which can be also be intimidating to non-Muslims, but at least they can see and respond to my facial expressions.

    I have heard some Muslimahs express the desire to wear niqab because they feel that it would make them feel closer to God. But that seems to run counter to what Allah teaches us. Yes, we are to draw close to Him, but we are also supposed to be there for our fellow human beings. How can we do that if we’re perceived as hiding behind a veil?

    • Salam to you, well i know personally my sister wears it when shes going out in public to get to a sisters do or some kind of function/party, as she will dress up under the hijab and wear niqab to cover her light make up and gloves to cover nails as for when she gets to where shes going! I guess there are other reasons of wearing niqab to find one self being closer to our Allah- and its easier that way to get to A-B and ready rather then having to carry everything and change at function, and I would say thats another beauty of Niqab. I mean it’s optional after all. Peace be upon you.

  3. Oh puhlease. There is absolutely NO basis for what you’re arguing, aside from your own personal biases.

    Hanna Panapak argues that the burka is often worn as a means of portable shelter – that is, women wear it so they can enter traditionally male spaces with the symbolic safety of female space wrapped around them.

    So it’s not a way of appearing sexy. It is sexualized clothing, in that everyone knows the person wearing it is female, but it is worn to achieve the opposite goal – of not allowing men access to the face/body visually.

    Click to access purdah.pdf

    And for the record, I don’t wear niqab.

  4. Wonder if you would say that to the Prophet’s wives, may Allah be pleased with them, who all wore Niqab. Pretty sad and intolerant, coming from someone who wears Hijab and should really know better. I’d suggest you read more about the Islamic basis for Niqab offered by both male and female scholars throughout history. And I’m a Hijabi, not a Niqabi, by the way.

  5. Muslim women can quickly enjoy from male cock than other religiuos ladies.Because they wearing a long purdah.They can easily rise it and insert penis into their asses and pussies.I’m a Muslim and so proud of our sexy women.We should teach our ladies to do sex with our poor Hindu brothers.If each hindu get sexual pleassure with our women,they will not be hindu extremists.This is what Jewish ladies doing with arab men.

  6. Muslim women can quickly enjoy from male cock than any other religeous ladies.Because they wear a long Purdah and hence it’s very simple to rise it up when a hungry penis ready to screw their asses & pussies.I’m a Muslim boy and so proud of our dick rising sexy ladies.Our ladies carrying dancing plumpy buttocks and jumping boobs inside the Purdahs.We can use these sexual superiority of our females to erase the conflict in the Middle east. We should teach our women to do sex with our Jewish brothers.If each Jewish guy get sexual pleassure with Muslim women(Jewish penis is also like ours,so no need to worry),they won’t become extremists. And also our Jewish sisters should allow us to bang their asses and pussies.If though Muslim men won’t become terrorists.We have to direct our ladies to wear tight exposing body shape purdahs to attract Jewish men.Remember: We are children of Ishmael and Ishaq.So please give pleassure each other,don’t give terror each other. “WISH A PEACEFUL HEAVENLY WORLD”.

  7. So you’re saying the wives of the Prophet were sex machines, and that they wore a form of KINK? And they went out on a ‘sex display’. Allah ORDERED them in the Qur’an to cover their entire selves, rather talk behind a SCREEN to men.

    Your statements are statements of disbelief, in other words Kufr, do you realise that?

    And if you don’t repent from them, you’re in GRAVE danger. I hope you understand that in your lifetime, rather than in your grave and on the Day of Judgement.

    • I was mistaken niqabi muslimah.Muslim women are very modes.They should not do sex with other than their husbands.I realize that my previous comments was a big evil from my side.I’m begging to Allah for forgivenes.Pray for me muslim brothers and sisters.

  8. What a way to demean niqabis everywhere. The author reduces them (women) to the time-old concept of being a sexualised object for the desire of men.
    Is the niqab a phallus? In this article, it appears so – as an object symbolising male dominance, because as the author says, the niqab is the hardest way of getting the attention of the male. Why is that a niqabi’s concern? Her concern is with her Lord and modesty, hence she covers in this way. The standard for women is not men. In the same way, men wear modest clothing. Are they, only covering their bodies to attract the attention of the opposite gender too?

    The author is a hijabi. I have seen so many hijabis violate the rules of modest dress by wearing clothing that accentuates the female figure – the hijab is no safer then from sexualisation. Why does the author throw the niqabis in with the lot of cashcow supermodels, and playboy models (the fuel of society’s libertinism, our postmodern nuisance) who disgrace their selves by showing off their figures to the world? Niqabis aim to move away from this pathetic desire to be wanted by men, and be wanted by only one man. Muslimahs who peddle out this type of language only further liberal ideas – namely that the niqab is there for male gratification.

    You have not approached the niqab as being a means of subservience, which is how it should be approached, but rather have approached it in the discourse of liberal thought – that it is my choice to wear it, and the consequences of wearing it are only world-related, notably, the effect the niqab has on men.

    “they up their perceived social value”. This is typical of an individual who thinks that social value is in sexual availability. The article’s implication is that if women wear the niqab, men will be more attracted to them.

    I feel that the author is trolling. The niqab stops allowing evil desires of the heart to be manifest in physical action. The author has misunderstood this and has only communicated their own liberal nonsense that the woman’s body is sexy and that’s of worth and that’s how it should remain.

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