The Thanksgiving Post

Wajahat Ali

So the story goes The Natives saved the Pilgrims and in return they broke bread and ate a gobbling, red-wattled Goliath as neighbors at the first Thanksgiving feast – unique to us Americans but a caloric and spiritually rich tradition that can be embraced by anyone with a heart capable of gratitude.

A holiday feast that combines the best of this messy, strange, sloppy, constantly evolving rough draft of a nation – a celebration of family, food, friends and, for some, faith. It’s a growing, moveable feast representative of all Americans and the potential of America – there are no rules/regulations/limits to what can be included on a family’s table – we can line up a brined Turkey next to a can of homemade achar, or elegantly place a chicken enchilada between pumpkin pie and Naan bread; the possibilities are endless.

So, if you are blessed, privileged, entitled, gifted, or serendipitously touched with lucky charms and fated to enjoy a Turkey day meal with loved ones, then please take a moment of gratitude, and if possible, remember all those who are simply content sleeping one peaceful night without the fear of bombardment or death; or those hungry bellies scuffling for scraps of food, or the many broken down men and women simply seeking shelter from a cold night.

If you’re in the company of an elder, take a moment to listen to their story, because time is fleeting and you’ll be surprised at how much wisdom they can dispense in addition to curses, laments and monologues about the joys of Metamucil. Give your parents a hug; they aren’t perfect, but most of them tried their best. For those among who are spiritually and emotionally wounded, allow your friends to heal you; that’s why you keep them around… and for the occasional $5. For others enduring financial pain and hardship, take a day off from the worry and bask in the fatty juices of a dry bird beckoning to be eaten.

And if you able-minded and able-bodied with functioning lungs, a heartbeat and a pulse, be grateful for the ability to keep moving along on the interesting journey known as life – especially if you’re lucky to be in the company folks who love you.

I know I am.

Takeaways from the Election

Wajahat Ali



– This election was a clear mandate for Muslim gay weed smoking socialist immigrants seeking marriage equality. Rainbow colored mud pies stuffed with marijuana for everyone!

– Accordingly, Fox News now prepares for the 4 horsemen and attack of zombie Marxists.

– Nate Silver is to statisticians what Jeremy Lin is to Asian American NBA players – he has officially made them accepted, sexy and mainstream (now a viable career for South Asians?)

– Islamophobia is a losing strategy (Joe Walsh and Allen West lost, Bachmann came close. West can slither into irrelevance much like his flat-top fade)

– Ignoring “diverse” communities (this includes Whites, btw) and appealing solely to angry Whites is basically ignoring America (or, “the 47%”)

– Never mis-underestimate the power of a binder full of women running for Senate

– Karl Rove is so fringe and conspiracy-addled he even disturbed his fellow Fox Commentators last night with his unhinged comments

– Television pundits are mostly useless

– Pro-Obama South Asian Americans spontaneously erupt into Bhangra dancing upon hearing election results

– The country remains bitterly divided and the fringe extremists, albeit small in number, still exist

– People in D.C./Virginia get really dressed up for election parties (nerds)

– Never underestimate the passion and power of the youth

– Cakes made in the shape of Obama should be both chocolate and vanilla, but filled with frosting and buttery goodness

– Nate Silver should have Thug Life tatted on his chest and can flick lit cigarettes into the envious, doubting eyes of incompetent pundits for at least a week

– You can win elections without seriously engaging climate change or immigration reform

– Billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s money doesn’t buy you an election, only an awkward, gaffe filled trip to Israel

– Over 70% of Jewish and Muslim voters unite on electing Obama, and nearly 35% of registered voters unite in believing our Christian President is Muslim and/or Jewish (that’s a real statistic, btw)

– Last night, Americans finally heard the death rattle of Whiteness – an ideology of supremacy based on politics and rhetoric of exclusion

– In the impending sharia controlled Islamic America, I really want to be the Caliph of Caliphornia, or, at the very least, Fremontistan.

VOTE: Be a Participant, not a Spectator

Wajahat Ali

Disillusionment, cynicism, bitterness, disgust, contempt, anger, frustration, righteous fury at hypocrisy, failed promises, forked tongues, unmet expectations, cronyism, the corrupting influence of corporate money, unfettered greed, blind ambition and the endless parade of slick haired, wide-smiling, White-teeth baring Gollums in three-piece suits is the snapshot of our 2012 political reality… it has been this way – forever, in every political community that has ever lived.

And, yet, I still implore you to exercise your constitutional right to vote tomorrow. There is a stark difference in the political platform of both candidates that will have tangible, long-lasting impact on the lives of individuals and communities. At the very least be a participant and not a spectator, and take a proactive stance in changing the narrative.